Nature cure, yoga, panchkarma treatment and research center
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Norms of Registration & Registration Procedure

  • Please get yourself registered in advance at Yog Gram to help us serve you better.Before looking get oriented to the Weather at Yog Gram.
  • For advance registration,please apply on a plain paper or send a mail with the following particulars:-
    (a) Name of Applicant or Attendant 1- 2- 3- 4-
    (b) Sex & Age

    (c) Applicant's Address & E-mail.

    (d) Particulars of disease (Enclose the latest pathology,radiology,cardiology report)
    (e) Recent Passport size Photograph (You may deposit your photos on arrival )
    (f) Any Id Proof (People coming from abroad to attach VISA)
    (g) Contact Number. Preferably in India
    (h) Desired registration date Priority 1-dd/mm/yyyy Priority 2-dd/mm/yyyy

    If you have any critical disease related to Heart,Kidney,or Cancer etc,send us your latest medical reports on our E-mail or on our Administrative Address given below for deliberation by CMI.

  • Charge Details:Charges can be revised at the discretion of the management.
    Charges inclusive of one day's Accommodation,food,various therapies to include;Naturopathy,Yog and Shatkarma according to disease
    For two health seekers For one health seeker
    Rajarshi Cottage 3000/-per day 3000/-per day
    Muniraj Cottage 2500/-per day 2500/-per day
    Maharishi Cottage 2000/-per day 1500/-per day
    Tapasvi Cottage 1500/-per day 1000/-per day

    Special Discount on Accommodation only:
    • In Rajarshi and Muniraj Cottages discount will be given as under :
      3% on a stay of 10-15 days,5% on a stay of 15-20 days,7% on a stay of 20-25 days,an 10%on a stay of more than 25 days.
    • For Corporate/Life members of Divya Yog Mandir(Trust),Patanjali Yogpeeth(Trust),Bharat Swabhiman(Trust) and members of Vanprasth Ashram of Patanjali Yogpeeth(Trust)there will be Additional Discount of 10%.
  • Registration Procedure: After you have been invited for treatment at Yog Gram.You need to choose accommodation type and deposit amount for 7 days stay as given below:
    For two health seekers For one health seeker
    Rajarshi Cottage 21000/- 21000/-
    Muniraj Cottage 17500/- 17500/-
    Maharishi Cottage 14000/- 10500/-
    Tapasvi Cottage 10500/- 7000/-
    • Please add 300/- per health seeker as one time consultation charges.
    • Panchkarma therapy charge are extra as given in the brochure/website.
    • The period of stay for effective treatment shall be minimum 7 days and maximum 50 days.
  • You can deposit the amount in the Axis Branch locate din Haridwar,(Uttarakhand) by E-payment or Demand Draft.Kindly send your application along with deposit details(Branch Name,Branch Code,Deposit Date and amount)through E-mail or by post on the address given below:

    Account Details:
    Bank Name Axis Bank
    Account Name Yog-Naturopathy-Panchkarma Treatment & Research Centre,Yog Gram
    Account Number 913010007452653
    IFSC UTIB0000358
    Branch Haridwar


    Person residing abroad should contact some nearby bank having foreign exchange transactions and deposit the require amount in following bank.

    Accounts Details:-
    Bank Name State Bank of India (SBI)
    Account Name Patanjali Yogpeeth (Trust)
    Account Number 32701512631
    IFSC SBIN0012228
    Branch Patanjali Yogpeeth Shantershah, Bahadrabad, Haridwar
  • Address and E-mail of Administrative Office:
    • Patanjali Yogpeeth,(Yoggram)
    • Maharishi Dayanand Gram,
    • Delhi-Haridwar,National Highway-58
    • Near Bahadrabad,
    • Haridwar,Uttrakhand,India
    • Pin Code-249405
      Email- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Special Instructions
    • Children will not be allowed the health seeker.
    • If the child is a health seeker and is above 3 years.Then he can be considered for treatment.However the child will be accompanied by an attendant preferably parent.
    • Two people may include 2 health seekers or one health seeker and one attendant.If the health seeker desires the attendant/driver to stay in the same cottage then they can be accommodated @ 400/- per person per day.
    • Health seeker coming in OPD and wanting to consult the doctor may do so on payment of 300/- as Consultation charges.
    • Dormitory for drivers/attendant are available @400/- per bed per day per person.
    • Health seeker will not reach YOG GRAM earlier than the booking day.
    • Check in time on the scheduled day of arrival is -09:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. This day will be utilized for orientation and consultation with Doctors.Certain items prescribed for treatment are to be procured.
    • Treatment would commence for seven(7)days on the subsequent day w.e.f. 04:30 A.M. as per the routine given in the brochure/website.(revised routine may be confirmed for any changes through website)
    • The health seekers will get discharged on the seventh day after 8.00 P.M.,however they are permitted to stay the night.They must leave Yog Gram next day by 06:00 A.M.,else they are liable for extra stay charges.
    • Health seekers reaching later than 07:00 P.M. on the scheduled day;shall be able to meet the doctor on the subsequent day at 09:00 A.M.,and treatment shall commence by 11:00 A.M. only.
    • For Panchkarma and Shhatkarma one need not come to Yog Gram.This facility is available at Patanjali Yogpeeth Phase-I can be availed.
    • For health seekers reaching Yog Gram without advance registration,registration will only be subject to availability of accommodation and on acceptance by the CMI.

    Postponement & Cancellation Norms:
    • Postponement Norms
      • If the health seeker seeks a postponement,the changed schedule desired should be sent via E-mail/courier to registration department,so as to reach 5 days before the scheduled date of arrival.
      • Only two revisions are permitted subject to availability of accommodation.For each revision a charge of 10% of the deposited amount will have to be paid.
      • If the health seeker does not present himself/herself on the revised schedule date the deposited amount shall get forfeited.
    • Cancellation Norms
      • No money,in any form,will be refunded to a health seeker leaving the treatment before 7 days.
      • In case the registration is canceled the following norms would apply:
        • 10 days prior to the scheduled date,there shall be a deduction of 25%,
        • 5 days prior to the scheduled date,there shall be a deduction of 50%
      • No refunds are permissible if the health seekers cancels the reservation after the days above or if he/she does not present himself/herself on the scheduled date.