Nature cure, yoga, panchkarma treatment and research center
Medical Facilities

Prevention of diseases and good health are provided through the unique and judicious use of the five great elements constituting the human body.

Hydrotherapy Section

As two-thirds of our earth and body are constituted of water, similarly Naturopathy comprises two-thirds of hydrotherapy. In this section, there are arrangements for Hip Bath, Spray Spinal Bath, Motorized Jet Spinal Bath, Steam Bath, Sauna Bath, Hi-tech Colon Hydrotherapy, Ozone Sauna and Steam Bath, Water-waves Massage Bath, Whirlpool Bath, Sprinkler Bath, Ozone Bubbles Bath, Circular Jet Hydro Massage Bath, Immersion Bath, Hot & Cold Alternative Jet Spray, Hydro Jet Spray Massage or Douche Bath, Foot-bath and Arm-bath, Sitting Bath, Full sheet Pack, various types or wraps, etc.

Mud Therapy Section

Arrangements for Cosmetic Mud Bath Pool, Mudspray Roller Massage, Mud Pack Compress, Wraps of different types of mud, Cosmetic Facial Mudplaster, Sand Walking Track, Sand Bath, Vapour Sand Bath, Massage with Multani Clay, Barefoot Walking in a Vast Lawn, and dozens of such experiments in therapy have been made here.

Sun Therapy Section

Under Sun Bath, and Coloured Rays Therapy, we have Chromatic Hydro and Oil Therapy (by charging water and oil in coloured bottles with solar rays), coloured Thermolium, Green House Thermolium, etc.

Aerotherapy Section

Various types of external and internal aerotherapy.

Open Air Space Therapy Section

Under the external and internal open space therapy, we have fasting without water, fasting with water, fasting with fruit, fasting with fruit juice, fasting with vegetable juice, balanced light food, and scientific experiments in meditation and silence (maun) therapy.

Yoga Therapy Section

High level scientifically equipped arrangements for jal neti, sutra neti, ghrita neti, sneha neti, danOEa dhauti, jal dhauti (kunjar kriya or gajkarani), shankh prakshalan, and the various limbs of astānga yoga like āsana, prānāyāma, prātyāhāra, dhāranā, dhyāna, etc.

Acupuncture & Acupressure Section

Arrangement of hundreds of acupressure and acupuncture gadgets and equipment like Ground Acupressure Mat, Foot Massager, Self Acupressure Massager, Roller Power Mat, Energy Roll, Jimmy, Power Mat, Self Back Massager, etc.

Pyramid Therapy Section

Arrangement of various types of pyramid equipment, pyramids of various shapes and size to serve as meditation hall, pyramid charged sprouted grains and sanctified water, pyramid sacrificial fire (yajna), etc.

Magnet Therapy Section

Arrangement of various gadgets like Magnetic Energy Ball, Spectacles, Magnetic Belts for Knee, Waist and Head, Two-sided Mat Magnet, Multimagnet, Magnet-water Glass, Magnetic Ear Clips, Magnet Chair, etc.

Reiki Therapy Section

Patients are treated by invoking the limitless creative cosmic energy.

Pranic Healing

Arrangement for treating various diseases by diagnosing them with the help of aura, energizing the body through respiratory process like Life Energy from Earth (bhu prnānasakti), Life Energy from Sun (saura prnānasakti), Life Energy from Air (vāyu prnānasakti), Life Energy from Trees, Life Energy from Space, etc. by transmitting this energy to the patient with sensitized hands, and by dispelling the negative diseasecausing energy. Arrangement for providing quick relief to the patient by using various systems of alternative medicine, as per his requirement.

Colon Irrigator Hydrotherapy

Constipation is the root-cause of all diseases and the experience of Colon Irrigator of thoroughly washing and irrigating the stomach after removing the constipation is really unique. The most hi-tech colon therapy in the world equipped with Dual Operation Gravity and Pressure Mode, Integrated Disinfection System, Triple Water Purification, Automatic Temperature and Pressure Control, Full Spectrum View Tubelight and Flow Control and Flow Meter has been made available here.

Mud Swimming Pool

A unique experience of this country is the interesting Mud Massage. A Mud-bath detoxifies this earthen body and makes it clean and glowing like burnished gold. Beauty is enhanced. It tones up immunity and endurance and protects you against all diseases. "pavitra kichad snān se khile komal si kanchan kāyā, anmol hai mitti ki māyā."

Ozone Steam Sauna Bath

It is a unique procedure to rid the body of toxicity and viruses. Ozone is an active and trivalent form of oxygen. Ozone enhances the immune vital power of the body by destroying germs, bacteria, virus and fungus. Experiments till date have proved that Ozone Steam Sauna Bath helps cure one hundred diseases/disorders. It is a unique type of Naturopathy worth trying.

Water Wave Massage Bath

The whole body is massaged by simulating sea-like waves in water, which helps treat all types of bodily and mental ailments. The therapy makes you feel happy, healthy and enraptured.

Whirlpool Bath

Whirlpool-like circular water-waves regulated in a water-well by motor massage your whole body and help cure chronic diseases. The toxins deposited in your skin and muscles are removed. A new zest and youthfulness is felt in all the limbs. Skin, muscles and sinews are energized. It relieves you of mental fatigue and physical stress. Whirlpool bath is beneficial in psychoneural, mental and psychosomatic diseases.

Ozone Bubble Massage & Water Wave Massage Bath

Massaging with ball-like bubbles of water by lying or sitting in a tub transports you into the dreamland of health.

Circular Jet Massage

With the powerful Jet Spray Bath through a special type of gadget fills the whole body with carefree rapture. This gives massage to each limb of the body. Skin and sinews get energized, and immunity is improved.

Hydro Jet Spray Bath or Douche Bath

The maximum pressure of the motorized jet of water is regulated according to the tolerance level of the patient. It relieves rheumatism, mental disorders and poor metabolism.

Circular Sprinkler Shower Bath

The cells of all the limbs of the body are stimulated and massaged by the water being speedily sprinkled from a circular motorized shower fixed in the wall in a circumference of four-and-a half feet. This accelerates, controls and regulates blood circulation. All blood circulation disorders are rectified.

Acupressure Section Hydro Acupressuriam

The soles of feet have the meridian points representing all the body parts which, when activated, can make all the limbs and organs disease-free and healthy. In the Acupressuriam, pebbles and stones of various geometrical shapes like pointed, flat, spherical, pyramidal, etc. are fixed under water. By walking for 5-20 minutes on them there is very fast flow of magnetic energy in the whole body at a controlled and regulated pace.

Physiotherapy Section

It is equipped with lumbosacral belts, varicose veins stockings, cervical traction, knee caps, knee supports, pelvic traction, ankle traction, holder, shoulder wheel, water and sand bags, walking sticks, forearm crutches, knee exercises, hip cycles, steppers, etc.

Electro - physiotherapy :

There are excellent arrangements for short-wave diathermy, muscles stimulator, ultrasound therapy, interferential therapy, ultra-violet and infra-red lights, etc.

Gymnasium or Body Fitness Section

It is equipped with computerized skating, jogger-walker, trimmer, exercycle, horserider, step-taker, vibrator, situp, weightlifting, dumb-bells, muscles stimulator, power crasher, power-grease, computerised weighing machine, various types of motorized massagers, and hundreds of fitness gadgets.