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Yog-Naturopathy-Panchkarma Treatment & Research Centre

Important information for treatment in Yoggram during COVID-19 infection.

  • It is mandatory for Health Seekers coming to Yoggram to process the registration before coming here. Your booking will be decided only after depositing your booking amount
  • We request our dear and divine health seekers and attendants--if you have received both doses of vaccine, and 1 month has been completed by the day of your booking date. Kindly bring the Hard-Copy and you do not have to bring RT-PCR. Antigen test will be done at our Yoggram gate with a charge of Rs.100/- per person (Antigen test is mandatory for all persons at Yoggram-Gate).

NOTE:- हम अपने प्यारे और दिव्य स्वास्थ्य चाहने वालों और परिचारकों से अनुरोध करते हैं--अगर आपको दोनों डोज़ वैक्सीन लगी है, और आपकी बुकिंग तारीख के दिन तक वैक्सीन लगे हुए 1-महीना पूरा हो गया है, कृपया हार्ड-कॉपी लाएं , तो आपको RT-PCR नहीं लानी है। एंटीजन टेस्ट आपका योगग्राम के गेट पर होगा, जिसका चार्ज Rs. 100/- प्रति व्यक्ति होगा । (एंटीजन टेस्ट योगग्राम गेट पर सभी व्यक्तियों के लिए अनिवार्य है) ।

I'd like to thank you for the trust and support you have in us and we look forward to welcoming

1. Please get yourself registered in advance at Yog Gram to help us serve you better.

2. For advance registration you have to send your particulars like- Name, Age, Sex, Diseases, History of Disease (Latest Pathology, Radiology and Cardiology Reports), Complete Address, Contact No. and Email Id through - fill and submit online application form on our website.

3. Tuberculosis (TB), Schizophrenia, Cancer, Renal Failure, Leprosy and AIDS are not treatable at Yog Gram.

4. Make sure that you are going to deposit amount after getting permission from our doctor by email.

5. Registration Procedure-

i. The period of stay for treatment shall be for minimum 7 days and maximum 50 days.

ii. Health seekers can book their accommodation for more than 7 days and they have to deposit amount for complete desired period. No money, in any form, will be refunded/ adjusted to a health seeker leaving the treatment before completion of booked period.

6. The following steps outline the process of submitting an Online Registration Form:- (You may check availability online booking/userlogin/online patient registration)


Fill Online Application Form => Submit.
(Health seeker with critical diseases like Cardiac, Kidney, Liver diseases and cancer etc must upload their latest relevant medical reports.)


Wait for Treatment approval. Approval message with Username & Password will sent to you via SMS or E-Mail within 48 Hours.


After getting your Username & Password visit Online Booking Portal again processed with Patient Login.


Chose accommodation for each health seeker Individual or sharing basis with according to availability.


After saving the accommodation, processed for payment option:-

(A) Online Payment

(B) Offline Payment

Step-6 I

Do Online Payment.

Step-7 I

Generate Bank-Voucher and Print.

Step-6 II

After successfully payment, you will get booking confirmation via SMS or E-mail within some minutes.

Step-7 II

Deposit payment in bank within 48 hours.

Step-6 III

You will get booking confirmation Via SMS or E-Mail within 48 Hours.

Step-7 III

After depositing payment in the bank, again processed with Patient Login voucher details..

8. Description of Charges Of Accommodation & Facilities in Yog Gram

Phone Number:- +91 8954666222
Email:- yoggram@patanjaliyoggram.com; onlineyoggram@divyayoga.com
Accommodation Charges for 1 or 2 persons / Day Registration Fees / Person/1-time Facilities
Rajrishi Cottage 7,500/- 300/- Jhoola-1, Single Beds-2, Bed Room, Drawing Room-1, Sofaset-1, AC-2, Almirah-1, ceiling fan, Dining Table With 4 Small Stools-1, Attached Western Toilet, Geyser, Bath Towel, Electric Kettle, Umbrella-2, Reading Books - 11 (only for reading).
Muniraj Cottage 7,000/- 300/- Bed Room, Single Beds-2, Drawing Room-1, Sofaset-1, AC-2, Almirah-1, Ceiling fan, Dining Table with 4-Small Stools, Attached Western Toilet, Geyser, Bath Towel, Electric Kettle, Umbrella-2, Reading Books - 11 (only for reading).
Maharishi Cottage 6,000/- 300/- Single Beds-2, Sofaset-1, AC- 1, Almirah-1, Chair-1, ceiling Fan, Attached Western Toilet, Geyser, Bath Towel, Electric Kettle, Umbrella-2, Reading Books - 11 (only for reading).
Tapasvi Cottage 5,000/- 300/- Single Beds-2, Almirah-1, Roof Fan, Cooler, Attached Western Toilet, Geyser, Bath Towel, Electric Kettle, Umbrella-2, Reading Books - 11 (only for reading).
Nisarg Cottage 5,000/- 300/- Single Beds-2, Almirah-1, AC-1, 2-Chairs, 1-Table, Attached Western Toilet, Geyser, Bath Towel, Electric Kettle, Umbrella-2, Reading Books - 11 (only for reading).
Minimum 7 - days booking should be there
Services included are:-  Accommodation, All Meals / All types of therapy selected by the doctor have been included.
NOTE:- 1. Treatment Kit charges, Blood Test charges, & Medicine charges extra payable as per doctor's prescription.
2. Colon, Vibro Massage, RHM, Ozone, Liver & Gall-Bladder Cleansing, Coffee Anaema, Papaya Face Pack, Kesh Kanti Lep charge extra payable as per doctor's prescription.

9. i) Patient have to described every thing about his disease, at the time of consultation if doctor find any chronic illness which is not described by the patient at the time of registration the attending doctor can send him back patient will be fully responsible for this.

ii) For the 3rd person (5 years or above) as Health Seeker (Online registration should be already) in the same cottage Rs. 2,000/- per day on arrival and Panchkarma Treatment is not included in this.

10. Discount for Jila - 5%, Patanjali Life Members - 10%, Rajya Karyakarni - 15%, Sah- Rajya Prabhari - 20%, Rajya Prabhari - 25%, Patron Members - 50% (Maximum Person - 2, Period - 1 Week per annum), Founder Members - 100% (Maximum Person - 2, Period - 1 Week per annum), Corporate Members - 100% (Maximum Person - 4, Period - 1 Week per annum), Group Booking (Minimum-25 Members and Maximum-40 Members)-5% (Each Member).


  • Membership can be availed only once in a year. Year means that the benefit of membership can be taken again only after one year from the date of taking health benefits in Yoggram.
  • Members dependent (Mother, Father, Son (25 Year/Unmarried), Daughter (25 Year/Unmarried), Brothers (25 Year/Unmarried).

11. Postponement & Cancellation-

Postponement Norms

  • If the health seeker seeks a postponement, the changed schedule desired should be sent via E mail to registration department, so as to reach 5 days before the scheduled date of arrival. Telephonic information will not be valid.
  • Only two revisions are permitted subject to availability of accommodation. For each revision a charge of 10% of the deposited amount will have to be paid.
  • If the health seeker does not present himself/herself on the revised schedule date the deposited amount shall get forfeited.
  • NOTE:- Any fluctuation in the revised rates would be applicable on arrival.
  • Cancellation Norms

  • No money, in any form, will be refunded to a health seeker leaving the treatment before booking-days.
  • In case the registration is cancelled the following norms would apply:-
  • 15 days prior to the scheduled date, there shall be a deduction of 50%.
  • Cancellation with in 15 days of scheduled date of booking, there shall be a deduction of 100%.
  • No refunds are permissible if instead of two health seekers one health seeker is arriving.
  • In case of cancellation we will not refund any amount, if any health seeker do not come on his/her SCHEDULE-DATE.

12. Special Instructions-

  • Children will not be allowed to accompany the health seeker. if you come with Children, will not be admit the health seeker.
  • If the child is a health seeker and is above 5-years; then he can be considered for treatment.
  • If health seekers condition is not fit for treatment on arrival, final decision regarding admission & treatment will be taken by CMI.
  • Two people may include 2 health seekers or one health seeker and one attendant.
  • Prior registration should be done for two health seekers. If second health seekers registration is not done before and if after coming in Yoggram he want to take treatment then he have to pay extra charges.
  • Health seeker coming in OPD and wanting to consult the doctor may do so on payment of Rs. 500/- as a Consultation-Charges.
  • ATTENDANT - Charges @ Rs 1,000/- per day per person.
  • Health seekers will not reach YOG GRAM earlier than the booking day.
  • Check in time on the scheduled day of arrival is - 8:00 AM TO 2:00 PM. This time will be utilized for orientation and consultation with doctors. Room would be provided on the arrival date after 2:00 P.M.
  • Treatment would commence on the subsequent day wef 4:30 AM. The health seekers will be discharged on the Check-Out day at 12:00 PM. For daily routine follow the website. Changed routine will be displayed on website.
  • The health seekers will be discharged on the Check-Out day at 12:00 PM. If they want to stay over night and he/she wants food facility; then, they've to pay Rs. 2,000/- for each room subject to room-availability and must leave Yog Gram next day by 7:30 AM.
  • Health seekers reaching later than 8:00 PM on the scheduled day; shall be able to meet the doctor on the subsequent day at 8:00 AM, and the treatment shall commence by 11:00 AM only (Approx.).
  • For health seekers reaching Yog Gram without advance registration, registration will only be done subject to availability of accommodation and on acceptance by the CMI (Chief Medical Incharge).
  • The patients are advised to read and follow the norms at Yoggram religiously.


During menstrual cycle please don't make any booking at YogGram, which will not provide you appropriate benefit through treatment during your menstrual periods.

Female with other menstrual disorders is requested to take appropriate treatment to regularize their menstrual cycle and then they can make booking at YogGram for further treatment in order to gain better relief after treatment.

13. Administrative Office Address

Yog Naturopathy Panchkarma Treatment & Research Centre (Yog Gram)

Village- Aurangabad, Near-SIDCUL, Roshnabad, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India - 249402

Email- onlineyoggram@divyayoga.com; yoggram@patanjaliyoggram.com

Website- www.yoggram.divyayoga.com

Mobile Number- +91 8954666222

(Morning: 06:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.)

14. Corporate Office Address,
Patanjali Yogpeeth
Maharishi-Haridwar, National Highway-58
Near Bahadrabad,
Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
Pin Code-249405
Email-onlineyoggram@divyayoga.com; yoggram@patanjaliyoggram.com
Website- www.yoggram.divyayoga.com
Mobile Number:- +91 8954666222
(Morning: 06:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.)